The Finest Sources of Collagen for Your Physique

There are virtually thirty various kinds of collagen. They’re all comparable when it comes to chemical construction, however they fluctuate barely: Some are extra elastic than others, and a few are extra stiff. This is smart when you consider it: A ligament requires extra flexibility than, say, a bone.

The collagen varieties that I mostly see referenced are varieties I, II, and III. Sorts V and X play necessary roles, too:

Kind I is the collagen current in our pores and skin and our bones, for essentially the most half. This surprises individuals: Your bones are composed of about as a lot collagen as calcium and different minerals. You do want calcium, vitamin D, and vitamin Okay to help sturdy bones, however collagen is simply as necessary. Kind I additionally makes up a part of your intestine lining.

Kind II collagen is what makes up most of your cartilage, alongside together with your fascia, ligaments, and tendons.

Kind III collagen, like sort I, is present in pores and skin and bones, in addition to in your intestine lining.

Kind V collagen is discovered within the placenta in pregnant ladies.

Kind X largely contributes to cartilage and disc tissues.

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