May the Wim Hof Technique Assist Deal with Autoimmune Illness?

Could the Wim Hof Method Help Treat Autoimmune Disease?

Speculative but Promising
Speculative however Promising

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There’s momentum behind this idea, although it wants extra analysis to elucidate precisely what’s at work.

Wim Hof does issues that defy logic, like climb Mount Kilimanjaro in shorts and tennies. He additionally seems to defy biology: He doesn’t get sick. He’s proof against chilly. He can run a marathon within the desert with no sip of water. Which all makes it sound as if he’s a really, very particular case. However Hof has at all times insisted he isn’t an anomaly—and that anybody can be taught to do what he does.

For many years, Hof has been training self-developed methods he calls the Wim Hof Technique, which he says could make the human physique extra resilient within the face of bodily and psychological stress. In educating the strategy, he’s amassed a following and even transformed potential debunkers to true-blue believers. Anecdotally, individuals have used the Wim Hof Technique to optimize athletic efficiency, enhance immunity, mitigate signs of power illness, and buffer themselves towards psychological well being triggers.

The Wim Hof Technique consists of three fundamental elements, all of which, he claims, contribute to the mastery of thoughts over physique. (A notice: These shouldn’t be carried out with out the okay out of your physician and correct coaching, so for those who’re serious about studying, seek advice from the Wim Hof Technique web site or the Wim Hof Technique app.)

1. Third eye meditation, which is an unguided visualization train geared toward complete rest.

2. Chilly publicity by a wide range of methods, from chilly showers to ice baths to lengthy hikes within the snow.

three. Specialised respiratory methods. There are two sorts: The primary alternates between brief durations of hyperventilating adopted by durations of breath retention, wherein you maintain your breath so long as you possibly can following an exhale. The second consists of a cycle of 1 deep inhalation, one full exhalation, and ten seconds of breath retention wherein you squeeze all of your muscle tissue.

One analysis group within the Netherlands is working to raised perceive why and the way Wim Hof’s technique may fit. Matthijs Kox, PhD, is without doubt one of the researchers heading that staff: He’s an assistant professor on the Radboud College Medical Heart within the Division of Intensive Care Drugs, and his focus is on growing and implementing methods to level the immune system the best manner for sufferers within the ICU. Kox thinks that early analysis outcomes on the Wim Hof Technique and immunity are encouraging—for each wholesome individuals and delicate teams, like ICU sufferers or individuals affected by autoimmune illness.

Whereas the analysis remains to be growing, Kox is worked up about the place it’s headed. He shared with us the place issues stand in response to his staff’s early research, in addition to what’s developing subsequent.

A Q&A with Matthijs Kox, PhD


Why are you, as an immune system researcher working with critically unwell sufferers, serious about Wim Hof and the Wim Hof Technique?


I specialise in modulation of the immune system, principally for critically unwell sufferers who’re admitted to the ICU. We attempt to give you new remedy strategies to steer the immune response in the best route. In the US, within the early 2000s, a gaggle confirmed that the autonomic nervous system has main affect on the immune system. So once I was beginning my PhD in 2007, I selected to research this interaction.

Ultimately, my staff got here throughout Wim Hof, who claimed he may voluntarily modulate his personal autonomic nervous system and thereby additionally his immune response. These appeared like outlandish claims—the autonomic nervous system isn’t known as autonomic for nothing. It’s not usually thought-about to be voluntarily influenceable. The physique has voluntary features: I need to carry my hand or my arm, and I can try this. However the autonomic nervous system controls issues like coronary heart charge and digestion. Usually, in textbooks, it’s written you could’t affect these mechanisms voluntarily. So when Wim Hof mentioned he can just do that utilizing self-taught methods, we had been .


What did you discover finding out Wim Hof himself?


In our case examine of Wim, we first put him on this ice tub—one thing he does usually as nicely for his document makes an attempt. (He holds the world document for size of time spent submerged in ice.) Earlier than and after the ice tub, we took a pattern of his blood and stimulated that blood within the laboratory with bacterial compounds to activate and observe the immune response in blood. What we noticed was that his immune cells reacted a lot much less to this bacterial compound within the pattern taken after he was within the ice tub than within the one taken earlier than, implying some suppression of the immune system concerned with that publicity to chilly. Testing his blood, we additionally discovered very excessive ranges of hormones pointing in direction of activation of the autonomic nervous system within the post-ice-bath pattern, which we thought may very well be an element concerned on this immune system suppression.

We adopted up on this by subjecting Wim to what we name an endotoxemia experiment, wherein we inject the bacterial compound I talked about earlier than into wholesome volunteers. That is protected to do as a result of it’s simply the a part of the bacterium the immune system acknowledges and responds to; it isn’t complete and can’t replicate, so it can not infect you. As a substitute, once we inject this compound into wholesome volunteers, they get flulike signs for simply a few hours, and we will measure the rise of inflammatory markers within the blood.

“Usually, individuals have signs for one or two hours: fever, complications, chills—typically even nausea and shivering. Wim had virtually no signs.”

With Wim, we requested him to carry out his focus meditation method and respiratory train throughout this experiment. We injected him with this compound, he did his factor, and we measured the inflammatory mediators in his blood in addition to his signs. Usually, individuals have signs for one or two hours: fever, complications, chills—typically even nausea and shivering. Wim had virtually no signs, and once we measured inflammatory markers in his blood, they had been a lot, a lot decrease than they had been within the giant teams of topics we have now studied with in endotoxemia experiments prior to now fifteen years.

What Wim’s blood work did present was that his ranges of the autonomic nervous system hormone epinephrine had been very excessive. So we may hypothesize that very excessive ranges of epinephrine may suppress the immune response. However as a result of this was a case examine of just one topic, the outcomes can not function scientific proof to assist that speculation. You’ll want to have a managed group examine. That’s when Wim mentioned: “Okay, you need to do that in group? That’s no drawback. I’m not particular. I can train this to anyone.”


What did you discover while you studied the Wim Hof Technique with intervention and management teams?


In that examine, topics had been wholesome volunteers who had no earlier expertise with the Wim Hof technique. Over a ten-day interval, they went via a coaching with Wim, partly in Poland and partly within the Netherlands, wherein they realized the three elements of the Wim Hof Technique, together with meditation, respiratory workouts, and chilly publicity. We additionally had one other group of comparable wholesome volunteers who weren’t skilled in these interventions. When these ten days had been up, we subjected each teams to the beforehand talked about endotoxemia experiment. We injected members of every group with those self same bacterial compounds to induce an inflammatory response, and lo and behold, what we noticed was that the group skilled by Wim had a lot decrease ranges of inflammatory mediators within the blood, in addition to fewer and fewer intense signs, together with fever. We additionally discovered that when topics practiced the respiratory method, epinephrine ranges within the blood went very excessive.

The outcomes of this examine, which we printed within the scientific journal Proceedings of the Nationwide Academy of Science of the USA (PNAS), demonstrated that the Wim Hof phenomenon is an actual impact. It’s not that Wim is genetically completely different or something like that. It’s that individuals who take part within the Wim Hof Technique may voluntarily activate their sympathetic nervous methods (a part of the autonomic nervous system) and thereby suppress their immune response.


What’s the function of alkalinity?


In our second experiment, we measured the pH of our topics’ blood throughout the hyperventilation part of the respiratory workouts, and we seen it will get very alkaline. It’s fairly spectacular: The blood usually has a pH of seven.four, which is tightly regulated by the physique. (If this pH is considerably disrupted for a protracted time period, cells aren’t capable of operate usually. Within the hospital, this is able to be alarming—and an indication affected person isn’t doing nicely.) Throughout these respiratory workouts, the blood will get as much as a pH of seven.eight, which could be very excessive—nevertheless it’s solely throughout the jiffy of hyperventilation. Throughout the breath-retention part, after they launched their breath and held their breath for as much as a few minutes, the pH of the blood was rapidly restored to regular ranges.

Our speculation is that this brief period of blood alkalinity is perhaps a enough set off to induce a managed stress response that tells the physique to launch epinephrine, which prompts the sympathetic nervous system and suppresses the immune system. We’re at the moment doing mechanistic research for instance how precisely this works. We’ve already collected the information for a primary spherical of analysis, which we’re writing up for journal publication now. And we’re planning some extra experiments going ahead. For instance: If we artificially preserve the blood at a traditional pH throughout the respiratory workouts, will we nonetheless observe the remainder of the impact?


May these acute results on the immune system have well being implications over the long run?


That’s the million-dollar query. We’re investigating it. We expect that this technique may very well be of profit to sufferers with autoimmune ailments, as a result of these sufferers undergo from an overactive immune system that harms their very own physique. These sufferers usually take immunosuppressive treatment. If the Wim Hof Technique can suppress the immune system, training it may very well be a novel manner for sufferers to handle their autoimmune illness with much less treatment or with out treatment in any respect. It may empower sufferers to do one thing about their illness.

“If the Wim Hof Technique can suppress the immune system, training it may very well be a novel manner for sufferers to handle their autoimmune illness with much less treatment or with out treatment in any respect. It may empower sufferers to do one thing about their illness.”

We have now not finished a big examine but to verify this speculation, however a couple of weeks in the past, we printed a proof-of-concept trial specializing in sufferers with a sure type of rheumatoid arthritis. These sufferers had been skilled within the Wim Hof Technique over an eight-week interval, and after the coaching, they reported fewer signs and fewer illness. That’s actually encouraging. It’s a preliminary examine with a really small variety of sufferers, nevertheless it does give us indication that it’s price doing a bigger examine to see whether or not this technique has important results over an extended interval of observe.

Matthijs Kox, PhD, is an assistant professor within the Division of Intensive Care Drugs on the Radboud College Medical Heart in Nijmegen, The Netherlands. Kox makes a speciality of immune system modulation for critically unwell sufferers with the aim of decreasing mortality within the ICU. He’s a founding member of the European Group on Immunology of Sepsis.

This text is for informational functions solely, even when and no matter whether or not it options the recommendation of physicians and medical practitioners. This text isn’t, neither is it supposed to be, an alternative choice to skilled medical recommendation, analysis, or remedy and will by no means be relied upon for particular medical recommendation. The views expressed on this article are the views of the skilled and don’t essentially signify the views of goop.

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